The new generation of extensions

The Hair Cold Clip technology is unlike any other

New generation of extensions without heat, electricity or ultrasound.
The system to attach the tips is simply mechanical. The Hair Cold Clip has been designed to reduce the work and make it easier in the salon.

What is Hair Cold Clip technology ?

The Hair Cold Clip technology consists of a hypoallergenic metal clamp in a very feminine chrome pink gold or a more masculine carbon black.
It adds hair extensions with a special Hair Cold Clip tip.
The Hair Cold Clip simultaneously places 5 extension strands without heat, glue or ultrasound, by pressure alone.
You will find a wide choice of extension shades, 50 in total that allow you to work the colors in depth and play with nuances.
Hair Cold Clip hair is REMY HAIR certified from Ukraine, Malaysia, India and China. Very soon from Brazil for more wavy looks!

The Hair Cold Clip advantages

Whether placing or removing, the Hair Cold Clip technology is remarkable! 40 minutes to place 200g of hair and 25 minutes to remove it… That’s right, just 25 minutes! No more fighting with keratin glue points or adhesives.

In addition, the Hair Cold Clip extension tips are the smallest on the market today at just 2mm thick, perfect for wearing extensions discreetly.
Their smaller size makes them much more comfortable for the scalp.


The extensions are not only used to add length, but also thickness and nuance for a highlighted or swept result.

Our extensions are available in 5 lengths:

> 18 inch (45 cm)
> 20 inch (50 cm)
> 22 inch (55 cm)
> 24 inch (60 cm)

Special length on request:

> 30 inches (76 cm)

Extensions can be left in for 3 to 5 months after hair growth and extension maintenance.


Very fast without damaging the hair. The principle is simple. Just break the tip with our small removal pincers to release the hair extension. You can reuse these same extensions. However a “reuse” preparation is necessary. This cannot be done the same day as the removal. This is very useful because it is advisable to let the hair rest at least ten days after removal… which is not always respected.


The first rule is that your clients treat them like their own hair!

> Wash them twice a week

> Mask once a week, the rest of the time use a conditioner

> Untangle them after washing with the Hair Cold Clip brush. Start with the tip while holding the extensions along the length

> Let them air dry or use a thermo protective spray if blow drying

> At nighttime, braiding is recommended to limit friction on the pillow. Use a silk pillow case to limit damage.

The little maintenance extra: recommend the CIC BEAUTY Brush to your customers. They will be able to hydrate their hair through the nano diffusion of a hyaluronic acid serum and revitalize at any time!

Compulsory training is required because there are no bad products only bad uses. It is in your interest and that of your customers to participate in our Hair Cold Clip masterclass for a more assured use and to learn about various installation possibilities.

Meet us either:

> In our Marseille showroom
> In videoconference

50 colors available!

50 colors available!