3-in-1 universal diffuser

Our incredible diffuser combines a versatile and multifunctional curl creation system with our botanical marvel: the Adept ™ complex serum*.

The diffuser gently dries curly hair without frizz and prevents excessive drying of hair often caused by the heat of the hair dryer. The serum diffuses during drying to add moisture, shine and natural hold to the hair.

Our diffuser is versatile yet specialized, combining a versatile styling tool with our patent-pending design to enhance luster and maneuverability.

Unlike cosmetics that rest on the top of the hair and remove your curls, our serums penetrate deep into the fiber when your hair is wet and the cuticle is open, trapping moisture from the outside.

A diffuser designed for professionals :
As hair salon professionals, we understand the importance of ergonomics and pay particular attention to the details of your diffuser.
Our angled neck is specially designed to reduce tension on your arms and neck.

* Ours serums contain our patented technology Adept™ Complex.

Three interchangeable tips to vary styles

– BOWL –

This allows you to gather your curls in the drying bowl for easy styling. The ergonomic base helps wrap your curls in the catcher without twisting your neck or wriggling. When the hot air of the dryer activates the elixir, it creates a gentle mist that deeply moisturizes the cortex and seals the cuticle of the hair during styling.


The lifting lid helps raise the roots of long, heavy curls. You can wrap curls from the bottom and let them dry, or you can position the points near the roots to lift the base of the curls to add volume. The RAISE lid and the BOWL lid are often used in the same drying session to create and sculpt curls from root to tip. 


The face of the “BREEZE” lid is a little different from that of the “RAISE” and the “BOWL” lids because it does not have a point that is found on most diffusers. This diffuser is a radical revisit and it offers three (and more) different ways to style in a single tool. Attach the lid to the base to add moisture while drying all hair lengths and textures. You can also use this lid to dry straight hair! It simulates the effect of air drying without a styling tool. The sweetness of the air will make each style the best possible. This feature is ideal if you want to improve your natural drying.

Elexirs serum a.c.e

Two serums, two perfumes, two actions

Ours serums adept ™ Complex Elixir (a.c.e) * are formulated with hyaluronic acid to penetrate deeply into the cortex of the hair, leaving it hydrated, lustrous, shiny and easy to comb.

CIC Beauty has developed a new innovative solution to this problem by eliminating the water from our elixirs and replacing it with hyaluronic acid, which makes our elixirs fully concentrated and more effective at moisturizing your hair from the inside.

Ours serums :
> Frizz and Definition : To limit frizz and make styling easier
> Hydratation and Shine : To hydrate and shine.

*Ours serums contain our patented technology AdeptComplex  and can only be used with the Beauty Brush, the Infuseur or the 3-in-1 universal Diffuseur CIC Beauty.

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